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The Humiliation of Reman Dane – Chapter 3  Part: 2 Redman's Shaming

  The Humiliation of Reman Dane – Chapter 3 

Part: 2 Redman's Shaming

Redman stood, frozen to the spot, as the full horror of his situation became more starkly clear by the second. How could he turn this round? His initial instinct had been to boltn and run, but not only were all avenues of escape now blocked by serious faced young men, each with a personal animosity towards him but the consequences of a failure to comply with the order to strip were potentially devastating.

Frightening as the prospect of arrest by the local constable might be, the possibility of being disinherited and facing a future where he might have to work for his keep, terrified him even more. The angry women now confronting him held all the cards, and his only options were obedience or poverty, and the second of those choices was unthinkable.

Reluctantly, and with his embarrassment evident in his blushing cheeks, he removed his embroidered scarlet tunic and handed it to his aunt. “Feel free to check it for booty, my lady!” he said, attempting to sound haughty, but failing pitifully.

“And your britches!” commanded Lady Dane, “When I said take off your clothes, I meant ALL of your clothes!”

As her words echoed round the camber, Redman became aware that the crowd was moving closer and shifting position in order to achieve the best possible view of the spectacle. He cringed inwardly but attempted to do as he was told.

Removing his britches was easier said than done, on account of his tight and shiny black boots. In the normal course of events he would sit back with a glass of Madera, while his man servant pulled off his boots, however, now he had to struggle to do it himself, and in public. He presented a rather comical sight standing in one foot desperately attempting to maintain his balance as he wrestled with his tight leather boots

“Get on with boy!” ordered Lady Dane, “I want those pantaloons off now!”

Finally, after an agonisingly embarrassing struggle, Redman managed to remove his boots and then his britches and he stood before the assembled throng, wearing only his tight calf-length underwear.

What are those?” boomed Lady Dane pointing to Redman's underpants.

W..What do you mean Aunt?!” stammered Redman, dreading what he knew she would say next

They are CLOTHES!” she replied skilfully succeeding in suppressing a cruel grin, “and I specifically told you to take your clothes … OFF!”

B.. but Aunt” he wailed, “you can see there is nothing in my pants!”

A ripple of laughter ran round the room, as one the crowd were how heartily enjoying the sight and sound of Redman's discomfort

Strip!” shouted Lady Dane “Or I will send a man for the Constable!”

Redman could not believe that he was facing a further public humiliation so soon after the nightmare he experienced only days before. His aunt could not possibly expect him to strip naked in front of their assembled guests, but the tone of her voice told him clearly that was exactly what she expected, and he had little doubt that, were he to disobey, she would carry through with her threat to disinherit him.

He had no option but to do as she ordered, inserting his thumbs into the waistband of his underwear, he pulled them down and stepped out of them.

He was now totally naked in front of a crowded room of elaborately dressed people, who's elegant attire served only to heighten his pale pink exposure.

Redman felt as if every pair of eyes in the room was boring into him, and as he cringed in shame he caught a glimpse for the glint of amused contempt on the face of Euphemia Bickerstaffe, the person in the room he had most wanted to impress.

Another woman, who's very presence in the room added to the sting of Redman's mortification, his stepmother, Claudia Dane, gingerly picked up the discarded drawers and made an elaborate performance of examining them for hidden items.

Well it would seem that your necklace was all he stole!” She said eventually, before adding “unless he has hidden something elsewhere!”

For one frozen moment Reman feared that the woman might demand a cavity search, but it turned out that they had another form of humiliation in store for him.

You have been a very naughty boy Redman!” Snapped Lady Dane, “and you must be punished!”

Indeed he must!” replied Claudia, “and as I have taken the role of his mother and guardian, it is my duty to inflict the punishment!”

As if on cue, a smirking young footman appeared, carrying a large wooden chair, and placed it directly behind Claudia.

Claudia sat down and haughtily beckoned Redman to come to her, “Now get over my knee!” she ordered

You are surely joking Madam!” replied Redman, “That is an outrageous suggestion!”

What is outrageous, Young man is you stealing my gems!” boomed Lady Dane, “Now do as your mother tells you!”

She's not my mother!” replied Redman, his words sounding almost childishly plaintive

Left with no option, and feeling totally mortified by this outrage, Redman slunk forward and lay across his young stepmother's lap. It was beyond tolerable that he was going to be spanked publicly by his father's new floosy of a wife, a woman for whom his feelings were highly conflicted. He gritted his teeth longing for the ordeal to be over. However, it had only just begun.

Before you start m'lady!” Said Miss Gallagher “We need to ginger him up! … Griffiths bring the silver bowl here”

Griffith obediently approached carrying a silver bowl on a tray. Miss Gallagher reached into the bowl and produced a phallic shaped piece of freshly peeled ginger. “This will do perfectly!” she said, before leaning forward and quickly inserting the ginger plug between the cheeks of Redman's bare buttocks and then forcing it deep into his anus.

Due to his position, Redman had been unaware of what was happening until he became conscious of an object being inserted into him, causing him to gasp in surprise. That gasp of surprise was followed by a further gasp of pain as the fiery burning sting from the spicy and juicy ginger spread though his most intimate body part.

The figging (or feaguing) of horses, by sticking a plug of ginger into their rectums, was a common practice at the time, most often when the horses were participating in ceremonials, as the fiery sensation in its nether regions would cause the animal to raise its tail. However, this time, instead of the horse, it was handsome young Redman Dane who had been figged, adding an extra and exceptionally degrading element to his humiliation”

OUCH! That burns!” complained Redman

It's supposed to burn boy!” replied Claudia “but not as much as this will burn!”, she brought the palm of her hand down hard onto the upraised cheeks of his bare bottom.

Redman's head buzzed with thoughts and emotions, none of them pleasant and positive, he was furious that his plans had failed so disastrously, wracked with paranoia at how he had been exposed. However, his mostly overwhelming emotions were embarrassment, humiliation and impotent rage that he, Redman Dane, scion of the leading family in the county was being subjected to this naked shaming, and there was nothing he could do but submit.

For all her ladylike refinement, Claudia was a strong woman, with a powerful spanking arm and the smooth, well-rounded cheeks of Redman's bare bottom was soon very sore, the burning sensation merging with the peppery sting from the ginger phallus still gripped between the tight pink lips of his anus.

However, it was about to get worse. “Here, my Dear!” said Lady Dane plucked a small wooden hairbrush from a pouch in her voluminous green gown and handing it to Claudia “save your hands and use this!”

If Claudia's hand had hurt, that was nothing compared to the hard wooden back of the brush and soon Redman was kicking his legs and crying out in pain as his punishment continued. The assembled guests crowded closer for a better view of the entertainment.

Had Redman not been such an arrogant and self-promoting individual, there might have been those in the crowd who felt some sympathy for him. However, to the contrary, it was primarily Redman's personality which made observing his comeuppance so enjoyable for the audience.

As Redman struggled, the plug of ginger became dislodged and fell onto the floor. As a result, when she had finally finished spanking him, Claudia ordered Redman to retrieve the item.

This presented the spectators with the sight of Handsome Redman crawling on the floor in his hands and knees, whilst Claudia and Lady Dane beat his already red and sore bottom with their riding crops.

Naturally, this only added to Redman's humiliation as it resulted on his most intimate parts and well punished rear being on full view to a room full of guests.

In order to extend the show and add to Redman's discomfort, Ruth Gallagher stood over the finger plug, so that it was hidden beneath her skirt where he could not find it.

Redman longed for his ordeal to be over, but Lady Dane had not finished with him yet. Without warning, she announced that after the dramatic events of the morning she felt inclined to take a revitalizing ride on the moors.

Looking down at Redman she said “And as a gesture of forgiveness I will pernit you to accompany me Redman!”

Redman bjumped to his feet and looked down at his aunt in horror, horse riding was the very last thing he wished to do after what had just been done to him. Indeed, it would be sometime before he could comfortably sit on a cushion, let alone a hard leather saddle.

However, once again he felt in no position to refuse.

Meanwhile, in the corner of the room, unnoticed by the crowd, Able Griffiths assisted the maid Redman has wronged, Ester Hobbs, conspired to make Redman's day even more uncomfortable. As soon as Griffiths heard Lady Dane demand that Redman accompany her on a ride across the moors, he retrieved his master's discarded clothing and then slipped over to the sideboard, where dining condiments were kept, grabbed hold of a pepper pot and liberally sprinkled the contents into the seat of britches. “That will warm up the handsome young master's ride” he thought with a grin.

Ester, had observed what Griffiths was doing, and she hurried over to him “I have something better than that!” she whispered giggled. Pulling open a drawer, she produced a small jar with an exotic looking label. “This is powered extra hot Bhut Jolokia Chilli, the hottest spice in the sub continent, Sir Reginald Dane developed a taste for it in India, and always has it by his plate at the table, so he can add it to his food! … This will certainly add some fire to the young master's sweet cheeks"

Perfect!” grinned Griffiths, as he held open the britches so that Ester could pour a generous amount I powered chilli into the seat, before then rubbing it fgirmly into the cloth, until the entire rump section of the garment was infused with the fiery spice.

Oh yes, he will feel that!” chuckled Griffiths, as the two servants grinned at each other in delight.

And he deserves to!” growled Ester

Half an hour later, Lady Dane, accompanied by Claudia and a very unhappy Redman, rode out onto the vast moorland on the edge of the Dane estate.

Poor Redman was in significant discomfort, struggling to tolerate the painful burning sensation in his rear, which, if anything, strangely seemed to be getting worse. He leaned forward, gripping the reins tightly and straining to keep his well punished bottom raised, so it would not press against the hard leather saddle.

His situation was not helped by the fact Lady Dane had insisted on riding his usual well trained horse, leaving him to cope with a skittish, nervous and less predictable steed.

A few hours galloping across the moors will give us a healthy appetite, so we enjoy the banquet!” cried Lady Dane

Can we take it more gently please Aunt!” moaned Redman

Don't be such a milksop boy!” barked Lady Dane “When I say gallop, I mean you to gallop!” she raised her riding whip and brought it down with a WHACK! Across the rump of Redman's horse. The effect of the blow on the animal was instant and explosive, it literally jumped in the air , before galloping off across the moorland at a frantic, with Redman bouncing up and down on its back.

Redman struggled unsuccessfully to control the horse, tugging at the reins and shouting furious commands as well as threats, but to no avail as the horse continued bounding at high speed across the wild and open landscape with its punished bottomed rider on it's back.

The horse did not slow down until it was almost into the next county, and not before Redman's well spanked, whipped and ginger feagued bottom, wrapped in chilli and pepper infused britches, had been well and truly battered by violently bouncing up and down on the hard saddle effectively adding another lengthy and bruising spanking to his punishment.

Handsome Redman continued to receive the humiliation which, as Ester had said, he deserved.




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