Sunday, November 29, 2020

The Humiliation of Redman Dane – Chapter Two (Part 1)

The Humiliation of Redman Dane – Chapter Two (Part 1)

After enduring a fitful night, beset with nightmarish dreams, in which he suffered an unending series of humiliations and embarrassments which all resulted in him being exposed naked in public, being mocked and and subjected to increasingly painful and humiliating punishments, Redman awoke with a start. Relief from his nightmares was sadly short lived, as the memory of the previous day flooded back to remind him that his reality could be every bit as mortifying as his dreams.

It was beyond tolerable that he, Redman Dane, the second son of the most prestigious family in the county had been shamed and abused in such a manner, how could he ever look in the eyes of his manservant, the lowly chamber maid of his now despised governess again?

To make matters worse, his bottom was still very sore and tender from the treatment it had received the previous night. Could it be possible that he, a fully grown adult man of 19 years, could have been spanked like a naughty child by not one, but two women, one of whom was no more than a low born servant.

Climbing from his bed, he walked over to the full length mirror. Turning his back to the mirror, he looked over his shoulder to study the state of his rear. His bottom and upper thighs were still very pink and sore as clear evidence of the treatment they had received the night before. 

He reached back and gingerly touched bis buttock cheek with the palm of his hand, it was still very tender and, would most likely continue to smart for most of the day, if the memory of the spankings he had received from Miss Gallagher as a child were anything to judge it by.

As he stood there, his emotions fluctuated wildly between shame, embarrassment and humiliation to a furious anger at the outrage which had been inflicted upon him, and also at himself for allowing it to happen. Why was it that old hag had the power to make react with servile obedience, why had he not denied responsibility for the wench's brat and sent them all packing, alter all there was no proof the child was his. No court would take the word of a serving girl over the second son of the richest family in the shire!

He walked to the window and looked out to the extensive gardens below, it was the that he spotted a familiar figure walking between the dew soaked flowerbeds. 

Ruth Gallagher was taking a morning stroll, enjoying the, still dawn moist, fresh air before starting her duties in the school room with Redman's younger siblings.

His eyes narrowed as he focused on the tiny figure below, aware of an intense feeling of anger and hatred directed at the woman who had orchestrated the abuse which had been committed against his person. He determined that he would have his revenge and the old woman would pay dearly for what she had done. As he stood watching Ruth enjoy he morning stroll, his mind pulsated with plans and plots of what would be done to her.


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